Our Farm Activities

1. Yoma Farm

The quest for survival is of paramount important to every living being, and in an ecosystem all living things struggle for survival in their immediate environment. All of these amount to the reason for the day to day hustling. It takes fuel for a machine to function effectively so also it takes food for man to work efficiently. Learn more

2. Yoma Motel & Suites

Yoma Farm Resort Motel & SUITES is a unique lodging, dining and entertainment experience unequaled anywhere in the Niger Delta, where guests feel exceedingly cared for and comfortable, surrounded by the beauty of our culture and the pleasure of good food, music and wine. Learn more.

3. Yoma Table Water

Yoma water factory is a place to experience the production of pure natural table water in an automated state of the art water factory. Certified by the regulatory body(NAFDAC) of water production in Nigeria. Learn more.

4. Yoma Bakery

Yoma Bakery has long been famous for its high quality breads. It began as a small local operation, serving mainly the local communities in Ughelli North, with a daily production capacity of 40 bags of flours. Learn more.